Slow tourism is a new way to travel, to know and to get in touch with other realities.

It was born as a response for the necessity to disconnect from the hectic everyday life, which often does not allow us to grasp and appreciate the beauties that are surrounding us.

Who is the slow tourist? He is the one who pays particularattention to the environment and for this reason, prefers destinations immersed in nature; shows a strong interest in local culture, stops to talk with the locals and peeks at the windows of the artisans.

The purpose of this kind of tourism? A total immersion in the territory.

Who return from a slow travel, takes home with him indelible memories and unique emotions, travel souvenirs that only those who live the territory in an authentic way can make.

Gambassi Terme slow destination

Would you like to try a new and sustainable stay in Tuscany? Gambassi Terme is the slow destination for excellence, thanks to its position surrounded by nature, the activities that can be carried out and the people who live there.

Our village is the perfect place for those who really want to experience the area. Crossed by the Via Francigena, rich in food and wine delicacies and with a lot of accommodation facilities immersed in nature. However, this is only a small part of what our town can offer to a “slow traveler”.

Precisely, what can Gambassi Terme offer to a slow traveler? Let’s find out together!

  1. Outdoor experience, walking and e-bike excursion

For lovers of the outdoors who do not want to give up the pleasure of discovery and adventure, there are a lot of opportunities that Gambassi Terme can offer them: starting with walks along the Via Francigena to truffle hunting, passing through e-bike excursions. In the company of Toscana Hiking experience you can discover the unique beauties of our territory, through thematic itineraries. On the saddle of your bike, you will be able to travel the medieval streets and admire San Gimignano as you have never seen it before! Definitely an opportunity not to be missed!

Maybe the bicycle is not for you, but you don’t want to give up the adventure? Don’t worry, the Greenbassi association, which deals with environmental care, will take care of you! They organize their excursions in search of hidden treasures, from the thermal spring of the “Bollori” to the Grotte di Maurizio, real jewels of our territory. Destinations not to be missed once in Gambassi!

However, if bikes and trekking shoes are too extreme, why don’t opt for a horse riding with our friends agriturismo la Grotta dell’Eremita, take into consideration that every excursion ends whith “bread, oil and wine”, you can’t refuse!

  1. Hospitality and sustainability

In full respect of the slow tourism philosophy, we should also consider accommodation. Tuscan hospitality, known all over the world, is certainly important also in Gambassi Terme. There are many structures that offer excellent services to tourists and, as for experiences, we really have something for all tastes!

Would you like to immerse yourself in city life, discover the village from alley to alley and live with those who lives in Gambassi Terme all year round? Casa Giulia is the right place for you. Located in the heart of the town, close to bars and restaurants, it is located inside a medieval building. You will recognize it immediately, on the outside it is adorned with many kokedama plants made by the owner. This is one of the reason why it is one of the most photographed places in the village, ideal for instagram addicts.

But maybe someone will prefer a more isolated accommodation turn up their noses, perhaps surrounded by nature and who are also looking for a little relax during their vacation. Don’t worry too much, we have something for you! Gambassi Terme is full of farmhouses, villas and estates, you will be spoiled for choice.

Green hills and immense vineyards are the typical scenery that you will find around you, real Tuscan postcards. Among the rolling hills covered with vineyards you can find the structures. The owener will be ready to welcome you with glasses of wine and the desire to tell you about their traditions and the hope of leaving you with wonderful memories.

In full compliance with the slow philosophy, the hosts make their homes available and organize unique experiences. Like Loriana, agrichef of the Renai e Monte farmhouse, who offers typical Tuscan cooking lessons, using top quality products, obviously coming from their own lands.

That’s not all! We like to amaze and that’s why we left the showpiece for last!For those who want something particular, there is the possibility of sleeping within the walls of an ancient convent, that of San Vettore. Although restored, the monastery has not lost its historical importance; every year it welcomes visitors and onlookers with a breathtaking view and a story to be discovered.

  1. Savor the products of the territory

As we said earlier, the slow philosophy was born in response to the hectic everyday life that led us to consume more and more packaged products. For this reason, even food and wine cannot be excluded in this research for a slow life. Inhabited by numerous farms, Gambassi Terme seems to be the ideal slow destination in which to rediscover that link between the products of the earth and the kitchen, far from large supermarkets and fast food restaurants.

Don’t you want to come to Tuscany to eat a hot dog, right? In order not to make you fall into temptation, there are numerous experiences in which you can participate, not just tastings, but real sensory journeys within the Tuscan culinary history. At the end of your stay, cheeses, oils and wines will have no more secrets for you!

Not only cooking classes and tastings, but also experiences beyond glasses and stoves, which will allow you to personally test the collection of the raw material. Have you ever wondered how truffles are found? In Gambassi Terme it’s possible to try this fun hunt, in search of the precious fruits of the earth. You are not the dirty handy type? No problem! There are so many things to discover that you will be spoiled for choice!

As you may have read, there are many experiences that our experts can offer and to discover them all you just have to book a stay in Gambassi Terme, the ideal village for a slow travel.