From the alleys of the village, where the Castle of Gambassi once stood, you can hear the bell of Membrino, a small wooden marionette perched at the top of the bell tower in Piazza Roma.

In just a few minutes’ walk you can reach the countryside
and take the Via Francigena to find the splendid thousand-year-old parish church of Santa Maria a Chianni, a Romanesque jewel that was even recounted by Sigeric of Canterbury, the official chronicler of the Via Francigena.

San Miniato di Pisa lies to the north, and the towers of San Gimignano to the south.
A few kilometres from town, along the paths of spirituality, you can find the Jerusalem of San Vivaldo, a system of small chapels where you can discover one of the least-known treasures of Tuscany: a series of terra cotta sculptures inspired by the Passion of Christ.

Travel with us through history in Gambassi and beyond, through unexplored territory we can’t wait for you to discover!