Summer is knocking on the doors and in Gambassi Terme you can find valid alternatives to the usual beach holidays.

Between adventure, relaxation and unmissable events, the Gambassina summer season promises to offer unique emotions. Our village offers breathtaking views in all seasons, but in summer, thanks to the lengthening of the days, it certainly becomes a destination not to be missed in Tuscany.

What can it offer the visitor? Here is a list of unmissable events in our area!

The events in Gambassi Terme

Starting from the events of the summer, we immediately discover all the Gambassini events that every year prove to be their strengths!

Passi, sapori e stelle

Let’s start with a bang! An experience not to be missed is the night walk of “Passi, sapori e stelle“, once a month, with the help of our friends from Greenbassi, we will take you to discover the lesser known places of Gambassi Terme, small natural oases that are waiting to be known! We must admit that walking is a bit reductive, it is a real sensory journey that goes from immersion in nature, to the discovery of local flavors and ends with the observation of the sky: the moon, the planets and the stars. they will become the protagonists of a magnificent tale. The first stage, that of June, was a great success and we can’t wait to repeat it in the coming months!

The closest date is 10 July and will see the aqueduct of the Forra as the protagonist, the sound of the flowing waters and the sounds of nature will be the soundtrack of your adventure



The summer music festival organized in collaboration with the municipality of Montaione and the “Orchestra della Toscana” foundation. For three Sundays in a row the suggestive Pieve di Santa Maria a Chianni will be the stage for exciting concerts. Pieve, the one mentioned above, which is also mentioned in the diary of Archbishop Sigerico and which represents one of the most important examples of Romanesque architecture in Tuscany. The sunset will make the atmosphere of these three evenings even more special. Following, three other concerts will take place in nearby Montaione, at the Franciscan Convent of San Vivaldo, an extraordinary place where history and nature converge, giving the visitor a real leap into the past.

At this point, however, it is only right to make a brief introduction to the protagonist of these concerts, the Orchestra della Toscana, considered one of the best orchestras in Italy. It is based at the Verdi Theater in Florence and is made up of 40 musicians. The variety of components therefore allows for a rather articulated musical offer.



Inside the Municipal Garden of Gambassi Terme from 1 to 10 July, ten evenings dedicated to beer, street food and music. Ten days of fun, to fully breathe the Gambassina summer, which promises to never get bored! A different free concert every night. An opportunity to relive the atmosphere of music festivals, which we have had to neglect in the last two years.



Il Palio delle Contrade

From 23 to 29 August, at the end of the summer, the four city districts: Membrino, i’Porcello, La Pieve and Belvedere will compete in many skill tests. The first day is dedicated to children aged 5 to 13, with the Palio dei Bambini. From Thursday the adults and their competition enter the field! From tug of war, to sawing the trunk with two hands, passing from the classic carboy game. The event culminates on Sunday with the parade of allegorical floats and with the last game, the grape “Pigia Pigia“. he last edition (2019) saw the contrada della Pieve triumph, will it confirm its title or will the scepter be stolen from it? We can’t wait to find out!

This will be the 16th edition A festival, that of the palio that every year fascinates visitors and inhabitants, ready to cheer for a district. But Palio is not just about games! The whole historic center will be animated by shows, concerts, parades and much more!

Not only in Gambassi Terme you can experience unique events of their kind, in fact the whole Empolese Valdelsa area offers numerous fun activities and unmissable anniversaries! Our village can become the reference point of your holiday, thanks to its strategic position, which would allow you to visit the neighboring municipalities in full autonomy.

Other events



On 25 and 26 June, after two years of hiatus, the Palio di Castelfiorentino returns: eight districts will once again challenge each other in the traditional games for the conquest of the coveted rag. On Saturday there will be a presentation of the districts and games for children, while Sunday will be dedicated to challenges of strength and ingenuity. A blast from the past that ensures a lot of fun!


Cèramica OFF

From 24 June to 22 July Montelupo Fiorentino is transformed into a construction site, a space for creativity. The widespread ceramic festival is a unique opportunity to get to know one of Montelupo’s iconic products, ceramics. There are many events scheduled: meetings with artists at work, exclusive aperitifs, visits to exhibitions and museums. A real immersion in art, craftsmanship and design. You can visit a village transformed and enriched by unique pieces of art..





The most famous international street theater festival in Italy is celebrated in Certaldo, which from 13 to 16 July becomes an open-air stage. Over one hundred shows in the evening; street artists, jugglers, actors and dancers from all over the world perform in the village of Boccaccio among alleys, gardens and squares. Not only shows, but also a lot of craftsmanship. You can go to the discovery of local processes and meet the protagonists of a sector that is now underestimated.



Festa dell’Unicorno

If you are passionate about fantasy you cannot miss this appointment! From 29 to 31 July Vinci opens up to the magical world of elves, wizards and fantastic creatures! The village is closed to traffic and through the streets a succession of shows will fill your days: concerts, role play, cosplay and so on and so forth.


This summer it will be impossible to get bored! Among the events and all the experiences that you can live in Gambassi Terme, you will never want to go home! Seeing is believing!