A cradle to recharge, where to be discreetly pampered

The newspaper Corriere della Sera, 1978. Classified ad: “Farmhouse for sale in Tuscany”, followed by a phone number. That’s all it took to convince Franca Lattuada and her husband to leave Milan for an idea of life that needed land to grow.

This is how these two forestieri (strangers) got to Gambassi Terme: or rather, to a hill surrounded by forest several kilometres from town, near the Benedictine Convent of San Vettore, where Saint Fina from San Gimignano lived, along the historical Via Salaiola that connected Volterra to Florence.

They discovered all this over time, but back then, it was a ruin in the middle of the forest. Some people even came just to see these two lunatics, who had travelled from afar to rebuild a farmhouse from the 1200s.

Two young, promising pioneers, who did without electricity and heat for four years and kept busy saving old vineyards. Today, we can say that their adventure has paid off: the farmhouse has come back to life, the wine cellar works at full speed and Stefan, Franca’s son, has inherited their passion for the countryside, and has stayed to cultivate the vineyards and produce good wine.

We do have to say that their footprints are light: all of the products grown on their 37 hectares are organic, and they produce clean energy as well.

This attention can be felt in the balance between architecture and landscape, between the time dedicated to work and to nature, and in Franca’s passion for contemporary art, which here translates the energetic force of the Earth into colours and shapes.

Going up to Pietralta is an experience of disconnection with space and time.

It’s a cradle where you can recharge, be discreetly pampered, feel like you are with friends…



Via Camporbiano, 45 - 50050 Gambassi Terme (FI)

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Direct sale of local short supply chain products

In the heart of Tuscany, where nature still has its weight, Pietralta is a small company that focuses on the quality of its production, enhancing the uniqueness of its products


The wine shop is always open! On sale, you will find four red wines – a Chianti DOCG, a Chianti Riserva DOCG and two Tuscan IGT, the Brinato and the Solivagus, – a white Tuscan IGT and Terra Rosa, a Tuscan rosé IGT.

Since 1985 the farm produces organic wine and oil, in the belief that the nature protection also starts from a more conscious and environmentally friendly agriculture


Their wines have won numerous awards and are exported throughout Europe and the USA.