Anello dei bollori

Reaching the Bollori on foot is one of the locals’ favourite walks…

The hypothermal spring called “i Bollori” is found near the village of Gambassi, just over 1 kilometer away, in the valley of the Casciani torrent.

L’acqua ha una temperatura di 23 °C, con una composizione solfato-alcalino-terrosa. The temperature of the water is 23 °C, and it contains sulfate, alkaline and earth. The spring appears turbid because of the mineral elements suspended in its water and it produces numerous emissions of gas and intermittent jets of warm water.

Locals have always known this spring as a place for taking baths and caring for pets. People say that these waters treat dermatological ailments, though no scientific studies have been carried out.


Starting from the centre of Gambassi – in front of the Cristo Re Church – you will take the part of the Via Francigena that goes from the village of Gambassi to San Gimignano. This road provides spectacular views of the Valdelsa, Certaldo and the famous towers of the “Medieval Manhattan”, San Gimignano.

Surrounded by vineyards and centuries-old oak groves, just after the Casanuova hamlet, take a path on the right that brings you to the valley floor of the Casciani torrent. After Santa Teresa, you reach the San Claudio farm. Following the Casciani, you quickly arrive to the Bollori.

To return to Gambassi, take the white road that goes up toward Poggio Sant’Anna, passing by the Montefalcone farm.


[in giallo nella mappa] An alternative itinerary allows you to follow the torrent toward Poggio alla Forra, where you can see the remains of an ancient aqueduct that channelled the waters from the Botro delle Docce spring.
This old aqueduct, almost 5 kilometres long and inaugurated October 1st, 1908, was an especially important work for providing locals with drinking water.

Follow the Strada Volterrana to return to Gambassi.